Frequently asked questions

  • How many bibs are there available?

    - 150 full solo bibs
    - 50 teams of 3 or 4
    - 100 bibs every day on our 6 stages

  • How many kilometres will I run?

    - If you run all 6 stages, you will run between 10 and 80 kilometres per stage.

    - If you are in a team of 3, you will run an average of 25 kilometres per day per person during the first 5 stages and 10 kilometres for the 6th stage all together.

    - If you are in a team of 4, you will run an average of 18 kilometres per day per person during the first 5 stages and 10 kilometres for the 6th stage all together.

  • Where are we going to sleep?

    All participants running the entire race will sleep at the start of each stage, i.e. 5 nights from 9th to 14th July 2021. All together in tents of 4 people shared between the team or between solo runners.

  • And what about Covid-19?

    This is one of our main concerns for 2021. Of course, we will monitor the evolution, the trends of the sanitary measures. What is certain is that the limited number of bibs and the particularity of our event will enable us to put in place sanitary and organisational measures and that everything will be planned ahead of time to deal with them if the situation is as it will be in the summer of 2020. However, the holding of the event will depend on the agreements of the institutions.
    In the event of cancellation by the competent authorities, you will have the option of postponing your participation for the next two years or being reimbursed according to the costs incurred by our event.

  • Is it possible to do a day stage in a relay team?

    No, the one-day stages are only accessible to people travelling alone.

  • Can we have GPX files of the event?

    GPX tracks will be sent to registrants in the weeks before the event. But they will not be online on our site for one simple reason: even though most of the course is on GR trails, there are small parts on private property to avoid certain roads, to add nice points of interest on the course.

  • How do I recharge my devices during the 6 days?

    We will try to offer power strips at several locations. However, it is advisable to be autonomous with external batteries in the event that recharging is not possible (lack of time, weather, lack of space, etc.).

  • If I am DNF by cut-off time on a stage, can I start the next day's stage?

    Unfortunately no, this is not possible. If you don't pass the time barrier of a stage, it means that your level of fatigue and/or capacity is no longer sufficient to go further, so start again the next day.

  • Can crew team could sleep in the tents on the runners' camp?

    No, the camp village is reserved only for solo and team participants who complete all 6 stages. But there is accommodation available in the towns where the camp will be.

  • Le Trail de France is a participative event?

    It is also something we dreamed of doing on an organisation as big as Le Trail de France. As runners, you will be the main actors of this event. We find it important to give you the floor and to involve you in some of our choices.
    ➡️ You will be able to vote from a list and make your contribution by choosing for all the participants:
    ✅ the welcome gifts
    ✅ the finishers gifts
    ✅ the prizes for the podiums,
    ✅ The starting music
    ✅ And more choices...

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